Wednesday, July 29, 2009

class review 23/07/09

For this class, we make a presentation fro the chapter 1 of "Teaching English in the Primary Classroom. my group (safian, ayu, narren, doc, & me) has been assigned to present the topic 1.5, the role of imagination.

Through imagination, children are given the chances to play with any symbols/characters/objects to deliver heir message to adult. This could promote to develop their creative thinking skills, as well as critical thinking skills. imagination also, can be use by the teacher in learning by prompting the childre. Here, the children capability could be pushed beyond their existing level as there ae scafolding from the teacher (Zone of Proximal Development).

We also being taught on how to find mp3 file from the internet. The task is find MJ last song. it was abit confusing for me to find that song;only manage to get it when the lecturer give the title
Give Thanks To Allah. when i google that title, it seems another name appear, Zain Bhikha, also a singer. i search for more information finally i find this:

"Submitted by Waleed from Egypt, Jan 7, 2006 at 03:23

I am sending this as a correction to the message I sent previously. The song "Give Thanks to Allah" is not sung by Michael Jackson, but by a singer called Zain Bhikha. It was included in an album called "Towards the Light" for this singer, and in another called "Bismillah" by Yusuf Islam, which dates back to 2001. The album "Bismillah" is present on Amazon and the single is in there, for those who want to verify." -

So, what is MJ last song actually?...........
Apart from the confusion during the mp3 searching, the task was very useful for me as that was the first time I am using the button print screen, and this could help me in finishing this course assiignments.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

review second week (16 july 2009-thursday)

for the last week class, we had been divided into six group and each of the group need to present each chapter in the first chapter of the Teaching English in the Primary Classroom.
my group had been assigned to the fifth topic of the group, "the role of imagination in learning".
imagination as we know, play vital role not only in the early stage of learning, but also the later stage, which mean it works from the young learner to adult learner.

for young learner, it works for them as they still developing their cognitive and could not think abstractly, and this could help to develop their cognitve. this could be done through the usage of pictures and videos. the pictures and videos should reflect the real life experience and situation. this is because to allow them to relate with their real life situation. from there, the teacher could promote the learners to speak regarding on what the had imagined by assisst of pictures and videos.

for our assignment, i choose photo editing group. why do i choose photo?
i believe that a single picture contain thousand words, and throug picture, young learners can use their imagination to express their idea freely. the learning process will be in fun and meaningfull.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


"What should I write?"

"How to start?"

"I'm blank right now!!!!"

Hello everyone...
This is my first posting for my new blog. A blog that i will used to post anything related to PBEY 3102 subject, "Using and developing Resources for the ESL Classroom". A subject that require us to learn on how to produce teaching aids or any resources that will help in the students' learning process. Hopefully, i can learn many new things regardning on producing a usefull teaching aids and a resourse in teaching and learning classroom.

Actually it takes me almost 10 minutes to start the sentence above. You may asking why? The reason is the idea just don' come easily to my brain. And the same problem will happen everytime i wanted to write or type about something. i guess writing is not my talent. LOL
I will stop here because I really don't have the idea to write further more. My brain is draining.

See you later.